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How SERVPRO Extracts Water Oxnard Homes After Flooding

1/6/2020 (Permalink)

Workers cleaning road after mudslide due to flooding Flash flooding can occur any time of year. SERVPRO has a fast response time to begin restoring your home.

Flash Flood Storm Restoration in Oxnard Can Involve Various Extraction Operations

If you live around Oxnard, you probably know that the region can often get riddled with severe thunderstorms that can bring much rain in a short amount of time. A flash flood storm can cause inches and possibly feet of water to build upon your property outside your house. Once water gets that deep, it could find its way into your structure through a leaking roof or old door or window seals.

Once the water starts to enter your building after a flash flood storm in Oxnard, the liquid H2O could become deep inside your house. If the water gets deep enough inside your home, it could make your residence unsafe and uninhabitable. Luckily, a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO has the necessary equipment to help you get back into your home and even make it seem, "Like it never even happened." During any moisture damage scenario, we always start the restoration process with the extraction phase. Extraction takes place first because it is much easier to remove water while it is still a liquid and before it evaporates into the air and soaks into your building materials and contents.

During most restoration projects, our SERVPRO team conducts the extraction process in two different steps. First, any standing water that is more than two inches deep gets sucked up by a submersible pump and then expelled into a sewer drain such as your bathtub or toilet. If there are several rooms and areas of your house that contain deep, standing water, then we can set up a different sump pump for each negatively affected room. If there is any liquid water present on hard, non-porous floors such as tile or hardwood flooring, we can mop it up or push it into a floor drain with a squeegee.

For water that has soaked into porous materials such as carpet or upholstered items, we can use a heavy-duty extractor with specialized extraction tools attached to it. We can utilize different equipment for heavily saturated carpets or small upholstered items like recliner chairs. Both the heavy-duty extraction units and the handheld Water Claw extraction tools use the weight of the operator to compress the fabrics down so more water can get vacuumed up.

If you ever need help with deep water inside your house after a brutal storm, call SERVPRO of Oxnard at (805) 984-2347 24/7, because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Flooded Basement in Oxnard? Call SERVPRO

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

trailer full of SERVPRO drying equipent This equipment is always ready to go to dry your water damaged home.

Using Our Truck-Mounted Extractors for Flooded Oxnard Basements 

Substantial flooding scenarios present considerable risks for Oxnard homes when not addressed immediately. When several feet of water exist, spanning hundreds or even thousands of square feet at this lower level, our SERVPRO team must utilize the extraction tools and equipment that can complete the job most efficiently. The faster we can remove standing water, the sooner we can begin drying, disinfection, cleaning, and recovery of this basement. 

While multiple extraction tools can play a part in recovering damage from flooding in Oxnard basements, cost efficiency and time must become primary factors for our customers. We seek to provide effective removal of standing water, and this often means choosing the most potent extraction equipment available to our professionals: the truck-mount pump. This large unit can pull water from the floor of the basement at 300 psi. 

Debris is a common concern when contending with natural flooding, and removing water that could have dirt, silt, and other particles in it create an insurmountable challenge for commonly used pumps in our inventory. For most water loss situations, our SERVPRO professionals would utilize electric submersible pumps for their quiet operation and longer discharge lines. Still, they do not have the power or wide intake and discharge hoses to pick up the water and solids as well. 

While we have the option to fill up the tank on the truck multiple times with extracted water when there is no available place to dispose of the water on-site, but this is rarely the case. Even in situations where flooding has occurred throughout the neighborhood, drainage is often still available with the sanitary sewer systems. We can access this by discharging from the truck-mount unit into a sewer cleanout found on the property of the damaged home. 

Flooding in the basement can present multiple layers of threats for your residence, but recovering this damage begins with powerful and deliberate extraction techniques. With the most formidable pump in our inventory, our SERVPRO of Oxnard team can quickly get your property ready for drying and disinfection. Contact us today at (805) 984-2347. 

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Oxnard Home Harboring Asbestos? SERVPRO Offers Safe Abate and Build Back

12/19/2019 (Permalink)

Red asbestos hazard warning tape Oxnard Home Has Asbestos Building Materials? SERVPRO Offers Safe and Secure Abatement

Addressing Asbestos Concerns in Aging Oxnard Homes

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom in your Oxnard home can sometimes lead to the unfortunate discovery of asbestos insulation or construction material. Homes that were built several decades ago are most likely to contain some form of the destructive substance, and exposure can be a health hazard. Addressing these concerns requires the skilled and educated abatement specialists of accredited firms like our SERVPRO restoration team.

The state of California has strict rules and regulations that govern how our professionals begin asbestos abatement for Oxnard homes and businesses. Maintaining our endorsements to continue this work requires our entire organization to follow these guidelines set in place by state offices such as the California State License Board (CSLB) and the California Department of Industrial Relations’ Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA).

Remodeling can often expose some of these potential products and materials that contain asbestos and require immediate containment and abatement to begin. Through the 70s and 80s, asbestos could get found in many household construction materials, including insulation, vinyl floor tiles, door gaskets, roofing felt, and acoustic ceilings. While most homes did not contain an abundance of these products, any of them can allow fibers to become aerosolized during demolition and removal.

Because asbestos can be a substantial health hazard for those exposed, it should only get removed and even contained by professionals like our trained SERVPRO team. We can follow the strict disposal guidelines for sealing bags, cartons, and drums filled with asbestos-containing materials (ACM.) Our technicians keep copies of the hauling and disposal permits the state requires to show our customers we are up to code and knowledgeable about safe removal practices.

We have specific training on full containment protocols and reducing the spread and aerosolization of asbestos fibers. We can work to not only manage the asbestos concerns that have become uncovered in the house but also complete the remodeling project to your specifications and wishes once it is safe to do so.

As stressful as the presence of ACM can be in your home, especially when discovered during demolition, our SERVPRO of Oxnard professionals have the training and certifications to help. We are an accredited firm that can help you through nearly every step of asbestos abatement. Give us a call today at (805) 984-2347.

When Storms Cause Water Damage to Oxnard Attics

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

Fallen tree damaging roof and window of home SERVPRO has emergency tarping services to protect your home after storm damage.

Water Removal and Rebuilding Flooded Oxnard Attics  

Storm damages are one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome, especially when the structural breaches allow flooding in Oxnard homes and businesses. Because of situations like wind-driven rain, or the frequency of torrential storms in the region, a single event can cause catastrophic damage to areas like your roof. Shingles can get torn off in large sections, fallen trees can break through your residence, or years of moisture penetration can finally buckle under a hailstorm.  

When these circumstances occur, not only are you concerned with the structural damage, but you also have to consider storm and floodwater removal for your Oxnard home. You might not instantly know when your roof has sustained damage, especially during the howling winds and waves of rainfall against other areas of the house and property. Some homeowners do not recognize a problem until water begins to drip from the ceiling of the space beneath the attic, that a flooding situation is underway.  

Our SERVPRO team understands how stressful this can be, especially when the water has moved to the living space beneath the attic. Untold damage could exist to every area of the roof, from literal holes and collapsed supports, to missing shingles that allow direct rainfall to leech through the underlayment. Roof tarping is vital in these scenarios because it prevents further damage while our team begins mitigation work to address standing water and migrating moisture. In attic spaces, we need extractors with longer discharge leads, which can make the use of electric sump pumps and wet vacuums the only suitable solutions.  

Unchallenged water and saturated materials become too heavy to remain installed and can collapse. Structural hazards are always a concern with attic flooding, and we can better inform our SERVPRO restorers of these threats with discovery devices. Identifying where moisture damage exists and what saturated structural elements could deteriorate focuses the controlled demolition efforts and drying process on protecting your property best.  

Storm damages can quickly cripple a roof and permit the intrusion of water damage. Our SERVPRO of Oxnard team can show that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. Contact us anytime you need us at (805) 984-2347. 

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Did You Know That Team SERVPRO Responds Quickly to Commercial Fire Damage in Durham?

11/30/2019 (Permalink)

chef cooking in commercial kitchen Your commercial kitchen must be free from ANY fire damage, soot and related odors. Contact SERVPRO for fire damage remediation services.

Commercial Fire and Smoke Cleanup in Oxnard Brings Back the Ambiance of Your Oxnard Bar

Kitchen fires caused by frying foods at too high of a temperature happen quickly. What might have seemed safe in the past and done several times without incident can suddenly cause a serious problem and shut down your bar in Oxnard. This happens because while serving food is not a strict requirement to stay open, the side effects of a fire can make any building in its entirety unsafe for occupancy.

After a kitchen fire occurs in your bar in Oxnard, relying on commercial fire and smoke cleanup experts is a sound business decision. Many businesses prepare for fire and other disasters by completing a READY Profile. We can assist, if needed, when you fill out your own plan.

Even if you do not already have a Plan completed, SERVPRO can help your business' recovery. Smoke deposits can end up in every location throughout your bar, leaving textiles like upholstery and draperies saturated with strong and offensive odors. When dry soot affects such furnishings, we can vacuum much of the problem away.

When it stems from a grease fire, however, we must often use special cleaning agents that break the soot down. Smaller items can soak in a solution in small tubs, while others might require laundering away from your establishment. We list anything we remove for cleaning on inventory sheets, of which you receive a copy.

Carpets really end up soiled after a fire and can require intensive cleaning. Our building department, under California State License Board (CSLB)'s General Contractor License # 892710, handles any repairs needed, as well as the installation of new carpeting, if you decide to start completely fresh. With the dense, oily soot experienced after a typical kitchen fire, this is often the most cost-effective option for many business owners. We can strip other flooring of smoky films that also create slip and fall hazards.

The walls throughout your bar need stripped of soiling from the smoke, even where it might seem non-existent. Volatile compounds might not have any color to them, but can continually give off odors and cause health effects, as well. In the kitchen and in nearby areas, we use specialized cleaners that break down soot and leave the walls smelling fresh be cause we often rely on citrus-based products. We always provide our customers with technical sheets regarding the chemicals we use.

These cleaning agents also help break the bonds that form chains of soot, which form web-like deposits in corners. We use air scrubbers during the restoration process, as well as deodorization methods like fogging that prevent hidden soot particles from re-entering the air, but these spiderweb appearances can continue to form for lengthy periods.

For experts who know how to cleanup smoke and fie damage after a kitchen or other type fire, call SERVPRO of Oxnard's 24-hour service line, (805) 984-2347.

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Call Us After Your Oxnard Home Suffers Damage From A Wildfire

11/23/2019 (Permalink)

wildfire causing damage Let our SERVPRO of Oxnard team help you; however, you need by calling (805) 984-2347.

Deodorization Approaches After Oxnard Wildfire Damage

After fire loss incidents of any type, deodorization of smoke and other malodors is a necessary step for your Oxnard residence. With wildfires, homes can contend with soot and residues with high concentrations of these harsh odors, which can spread quickly from the affected areas of the residence throughout multiple adjoining rooms. Removing odors is a process that must get carefully calculated using the right equipment and SERVPRO cleaning products.

As tempting as it might seem for even our restoration professionals to focus on the immediate wildfire odor removal in Oxnard homes, some steps should come before this. Damaged areas of the house, for instance, can be a catalyst to amplifying the foul odor in the residence. While approaches like controlled demolition are rarely necessary, soot and residues can mar and stain surfaces to the point of making refinishing and restoration work impossible. Removing these compromised construction materials and contents can help to reduce the severity of lingering odors noticeably.

We have several unique approaches to removing odors from a household, especially those otherwise unaffected by wildfires in the vicinity. One of the most versatile of these options is our thermal fogger. Using a concentrated deodorization solution, these portable units can heat the solution into a thick vapor fog that emits from the lightweight machine. Because of its gas state, foggers have an easier time removing and neutralizing odors trapped in construction materials and soft contents like clothing, bedding, drapes, and carpets.

For odors that have not spread throughout the entire floors of your home, but remain localized to one or two rooms, ozone machines can also be useful. With thorough sealing of these areas so that humans and pets cannot enter, these units can generate ozone, which bonds with odor compounds to neutralize them. While ozone is hazardous to living things, it can dissipate within hours to return the area to its original condition.

Wildfires are a frequent concern for California residents, and even out of the direct path of these disasters, your home can still suffer the effects. Let our SERVPRO of Oxnard team help you; however, you need by calling (805) 984-2347.

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Oxnard Commercial Building Owners Understand SERVPRO's Commitment to Safe Asbestos Abatement

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

Red Warning Tape--Danger Asbestos Removal SERVPRO Offers Safe and Complete Asbestos and Biohazardous Material Removal in Industrial and Commercial Sites

Type Of Materials That Require Asbestos Abatement In Your Oxnard Area Business

First, you should understand that there are strict regulations supplied by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA or EPA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as many state and local bodies regarding the handling of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM). Work on any Oxnard area restaurant with the possibility of containing these kinds of materials requires specialized training, licensing, and permits.

Established asbestos abatement procedures in Oxnard help keep the area safe and clean. Technicians use these procedures to eliminate the thousands of products containing asbestos that contractors used until the late 1960s. ACMs were popular because of the unique properties of asbestos, including – fire resistance, high tensile strength, reduced heat and electrical conduction, and its near invulnerability to chemical decay.

Asbestos made a great fireproofing material, often sprayed onto steel beams, columns, and decking used to construct multi-story buildings. The application of chrysotile or amosite containing asbestos prevented structural members from warping or collapsing during a fire. As a result, SERVPRO technicians often find asbestos in your walls, ceiling, crawl spaces, attic, and other hard-to-reach areas.

We should note that asbestos, when added to a variety of building materials, can enhance strength. You can find asbestos in some specialty concrete or concrete-like products, often used as siding and roofing shingles. You can also find asbestos in wallboard, corrugated and flat sheets used for roofing, cladding, and partitions; or as pipes and ducts. Asphalt, vinyl, and other materials used to make roofing felts, exterior siding, floor tile, joint compounds, and adhesives also contain asbestos.

The only way to determine if ACMs exist on your property is through testing, SERVPRO technicians can provide you with the necessary services. Since many of these ACMs seal tight after installation, they typically only release asbestos fibers if mechanically damaged, through a process of drilling, cutting, or sanding.

ACMs also received widespread attention for use as thermal insulation in kitchens, or condensation control in basements. Contractors installed ACMs using a sprayer, trowel, or factory installation on or within appliances or other equipment. SERVPRO technicians can help you identify existing ACMs and handle them according to established guidelines.

Call SERVPRO of Oxnard for answers to additional questions or schedule your restaurant's initial inspection today. (805) 984-2347

Why SERVPRO is Your Trusted Choice to Restore Fire Damage in Oxnard

10/29/2019 (Permalink)

smoke damage on wall and ceiling DIY efforts often come up short when trying to remove the smoke odor from fires. Call SERVPRO to restore your home today!

Why Trust SERVPRO to Handle Fire Damage in Your Oxnard Residence 

Fire damage in Oxnard can happen because of many different reasons, including wildfires, and the stress that accompanies fire emergencies is challenging with which to deal. Cleaning up your fire-damaged home alone can be daunting. SERVPRO Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (FSRTs) help you to tackle the problem. We are a premier restoration firm that offers comprehensive services.

After the unfortunate fire damage in your Oxnard home, our professional team can restore it to the preloss condition quickly. Challenging complexities accompany fire and smoke-damaged properties. Tried techniques, specialized equipment, and extensive experience qualify us to complete any fire restoration project. Once we get to your home, we can perform emergency services meant to prevent fire and smoke damage from causing further damage to your property. We also provide a safer work site for our restorers and prepare your home for mitigation and restoration work to start.

One of the difficult tasks you may have to deal with after a fire ruins your home is removing smoke odors. The pores in wood open up after the heat of the flames strikes. These pores close when the environment cools, but they trap noxious odors and toxins. Floating smoke particles can also become deeply embedded within walls, carpeting, wooden furniture, and flooring. Without expert treatment, the smoky scents can remain in your home for several years.

Advanced equipment can eliminate foul scents from smoke-damaged areas. Our technicians can help you deodorize odors in your property by using air scrubbers. These devices can eliminate airborne particles as well as gases and odors from the air. They draw dirty indoor air through a series of filters, capturing gases, particles, and scents and then return the clean air into the environment. Our team may also use deodorizing granules or pellets to eliminate the smells. These pellets have a mineral known as fuller’s earth that acts as a sponge to absorb odors. We can place them in a shallow pan to deodorize a specific area.

Like most owners of fire-damaged homes, you may not want to hire several disaster restoration firms, project managers, and construction crews to restore your home when one company can handle it. We offer all-inclusive restoration services. Our SERVPRO team simplifies the restoration process by managing the initial cleanup work and reconstructing the affected areas. Working with a team that can complete the entire restoration project can help you save time and money.

When in need of a fire damage restoration services, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Oxnard at (805) 984-2347. We can make the fire loss appear “Like it never even happened.”

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Take the Stress out of Water Damage in Oxnard

10/25/2019 (Permalink)

water damaged floor boards After water damage happens make sure to contact SERVPRO to mitigate the damage.

Water Damage Experts In Oxnard Explain Drying Science Used In Restoration

Whenever a pipe breaks inside your home in Oxnard, many conditions get created that can ruin your building materials and contents. If water damage inside your house goes untreated for too long secondary issues can result. Whenever you notice wet items inside your structure, it is wise to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. We have the proper training and experience to help you prevent secondary problems like mold from occurring.

A big part of restoring any water damage in Oxnard is the applied structural drying or ASD phase. The first step to mitigating moisture-related issues after we deem the work area safe is to extract any liquid water. Once all standing water and wet items such as carpet have been extracted, we then move towards rapidly drying out your structural components.

To dry out a structure as quickly as possible, our SERVPRO technicians study drying science. The best way to remove moisture from a building is to create an atmospheric environment that is conducive for rapid drying. When formulating a drying plan, we first utilize instruments to test the atmosphere.

We measure things like the indoor temperature and humidity to see if the atmosphere is one that supports the fast drying of your building materials and contents. If the environment is not ideal for ASD, then our crew can manipulate the situation to make it conducive for rapid drying. We can accomplish this by using pieces of equipment such as dehumidifiers and portable heaters.

We measure the temperature in a building because hot air can hold more moisture than cooler air. This means that more water from wet solid materials can evaporate into warmer air making dry work faster when temperatures are higher. If needed, we can set up portable heaters to increase the temperature inside the affected region of your house.

We measure humidity levels because things dry out faster when the humidity is lower. If needed, we can take two humidity measurements. The relative humidity is expressed as a percentage, and it is the amount of moisture the air is holding at a given temperature. The humidity ratio tells us the exact amount of moisture in the air, and it is measured in grains per pound or gpp.

If humidity levels are too high for quick-drying, our technicians can add dehumidifiers to pull water from the air. For professional help after a water leak, call SERVPRO of Oxnard at (805) 984-2347 because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Oxnard Renovations Often Reveal the Need for Safe Asbestos Abatement Services -- Rely on SERVPRO

10/8/2019 (Permalink)

Asbestos Danger Warning Sign at House Site SERVPRO Advises Oxnard Property Owners to Seek Professional Asbestos Abatement--Please Do Not Try to Remove this Hazardous Material Yourself

Can You Live with Undisturbed Asbestos in Your Oxnard Home?

Asbestos was such a common element in the construction of older homes and businesses that it has been a driving force in the development of an abatement division in our Oxnard team. With professionals capable of addressing the presence of asbestos in your home safely and efficiently, it is no surprise how many homeowners have sought the experience and extensive training of our SERVPRO team for the containment, abatement, and safe discarding of asbestos threats.

Many property owners might already require asbestos abatement in Oxnard properties and not even realize it. When left undisturbed and unagitated, asbestos can lay dormant and relatively harmless. Due to the deterioration of aging structures, the infiltration of rodents, or any other disturbing presence, this insulation can release hazardous and harmful fibers throughout the immediate area. These fibers can remain circulating in your home for years after a single disturbance, making asbestos a ticking time bomb of sorts for property owners.
Due to strict regulations and established laws in the state of California, only accredited professionals approved through the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) and on the list of the California Department of Industrial Relations’ Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) can legally perform abatement on affected areas larger than 100 square feet. While you can attempt to remove smaller square footage than this on your own, you must remember that our team has the appropriate tools, training, and protective apparel to perform that task safely.
Our SERVPRO professionals can carefully remove asbestos from your home as efficiently and safely as possible. We have special containers that can store these hazardous materials until we can dispose of them according to California’s strict disposal guidelines.
Asbestos abatement is not something that you want to have to think about, but if you have an older home, it is something that you need to prepare for moving forward. You can always count on the fast response and expertise of our SERVPRO of Oxnard team. No matter how challenging abatement can be, you are entrusting your property and well-being to skilled professionals when you call (805) 984-2347.