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Are Your Oxnard Carpets Being Neglected?

9/10/2021 (Permalink)

partially cleaned carpets Don't neglect your investment. Call SERVPRO of Oxnard now! 805-984-2347

Did you know that your carpets and other soft textiles are your primary air filters in your home and business?

By maintaining these textiles you drastically improve the indoor air quality (IAQ). Let SERVPRO of Oxnard's IICRC Certified technicians refresh and revive your investments and remove all the dust, dander, and other contaminants that get embedded that your regular vacuuming cannot remove. We use State of the Art Truck mount technology that allows us to clean surfaces from concrete to the most delicate silks.

Your new carpet warranty could be at risk

Most manufacturers recommend cleaning by an IICRC Certified Firm  using Truck mount technology so as to not void your investment’s warranty. Call us today at 805.984.2347 to book your appointment now!

Why You Shouldn't Dry Your Home By Yourself

9/10/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Heroes Don't hesitate to call SERVPRO of Oxnard at 805-984-2347 when you see the first signs of water damage!

Benefits of Professional Water Damage Restoration In your Oxnard Home

When you have water damage within your home, your initial thought might be to initiate the cleanup on your own. However, when it comes to something like water removal, it is best to call in the trained professionals at SERVPRO to get the job done. Our equipment and technology go well beyond any of the rags, mops, and wet-dry vacuums that homeowners generally have on hand.

Water moves quickly, meaning that it can migrate well past the point of origin in a flash. This means that you need to spring into action to have water removal in Oxnard that saves your interior, furnishings, personal belongings, and building materials from excessive damage.


We have trained technicians on our team using advanced technology to assess your property and determine the path that the water has taken. Our equipment allows us to extract all of the water and commence with drying so that we can eliminate the onset of potentially hazardous mold and foul odors. Such equipment is able to handle all kinds of flooring, including your carpets, padding, hardwood floors, tile, and cement. 

We Assist with Rebuilding

With any water loss situation, the water can ruin your sheetrock and flooring. When this happens, materials damaged beyond repair must be removed during the restoration process. SERVPRO technicians make sure that unsalvageable materials are removed and that they are replaced (California State License Board (CSLB) #: 892710) to make everything on your interior look “Like it never even happened.”

Know the Signs of Mold

Another reason to choose SERVPRO for water removal and cleanup is that mold spores can spread quickly in as little as 24-hours after the water emergency in your home. We have extensive knowledge and all of the right tools to complete mold remediation to make sure that your household is clean and safe for you to resume your regular daily activities.

When it comes to water removal, we are the team to call at SERVPRO of Oxnard. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency cleanup and restoration. Give us a call at (805) 984-2347, and we can send out a team ready to get started as soon as possible.

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Oxnard Homeowners Should Never Do This Alone

9/10/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO techs inspecting smoke damage No one should ever go through this alone. SERVPRO of Oxnard can help at 805-984-2347

Fire damage brings several problems for a homeowner. Besides the direct damage from the fire, water damage from extinguishing the blaze plus the smoke residue and odor need addressing.

Fire smoke cleanup in your Oxnard home without proper equipment leaves your home open for secondary damages such as foul odors and mold. It is imperative to outsource the task to a professional mitigation company to avoid additional issues.

During the initial call, we gather information regarding the fire loss, and we often instruct the homeowner to avoid the area where the fire occurred and turn off the HVAC to prevent spreading soot in the ductwork.

When SERVPRO technicians arrive onsite, they test the smoke to see what kind of smoke is in the affected area of the home and contain the space to stop any further spreading of particles. Technicians remove objects and building materials too charred for restoration as they contribute only odors and the potential for spreading soot.

Depending on the type of smoke determined by testing, our technicians choose among three main kinds of cleaning methods: wet cleaning, dry cleaning, and peroxide-based cleaning.

Wet and dry cleaning uses sponges by hand or on poles and our proprietary formulas to attract soot to the sponge and remove it from walls and surfaces. Wet sponges work best with greasy films left behind by burned synthetic materials including plastic and rubber. Also, painted surfaces, wood and metal benefit from wet cleaning efforts. Dry sponges work on lighter, easier-to-remove smoke residues.

The application of peroxide-based cleaning happens on a case-by-case basis as it has the potential for bleaching. This method proves efficient for the removal of soot from acoustic ceiling tiles.

Once SERVPRO performs cleanup and disinfection on the fire loss areas, they inspect and clean the ductwork if needed. This action may include the use of professional equipment to neutralize lingering odors and filter change in the HVAC.

SERVPRO of Oxnard knows that even a small amount of fire damage leaves significant odors when inadequate fire smoke cleanup happens. Call us at (805) 984-2347, and our certified technicians will make your fire loss "Like it never even happened."

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We Can Help Prevent Oxnard Fire Damage Caused By Appliances

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

Improper Dryer Care Can Cause Fires in Your Oxnard Home

The appliances in your Oxnard home help to make life more comfortable but taking care of them and using them correctly is critical to a longer life and safe operation. Dryers, for example, can become dangerous if they do not get used properly, and this can result in disasters like fires occurring in the residence. Understanding how these situations happen and what can occur to restore the damage is essential knowledge for the modern homeowner.

While you might not think of your dryer as a source for fire damage in your Oxnard home, this disaster can occur more readily than most homeowners believe. Often, these combustions occur when the excessive heat (often upwards of 500 degrees or more) ignites lint or other loose debris within and around the drum. Preventing this situation from occurring is often little more than ensuring that between uses, the lint trap gets cleared of any collected buildup and that your ventilation discharge hose remains clear of buildup as well. We also inspect and can clean out the venting system for the appliance to increase efficiency and reduce potential fires.

Often homeowners are unaware of the severity of cleaning out their lint filters often, and fire can result. When a disaster like this occurs, the effects can spread far beyond the laundry area of your home and affect multiple rooms and floors. Our SERVPRO® of Oxnard professionals can arrive quickly to begin our thorough assessment of this damage to determine the best approach to restore it efficiently and cost-effectively.

From our initial mitigation work with packing out at-risk items and removing harmful particulates from the air inside your home to our licensed reconstruction contractors within our team that can rebuild overly damaged areas of your property, we offer a comprehensive package to our customers that make the restoration work as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Fires can begin from many sources, but appliances can easily ignite a blaze without the proper management and use

If you experience a disaster that damages your property, let our SERVPRO® of Oxnard rapid response team help you make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (805) 984-2347.

Your Contents Need Evaluating After an Oxnard Fire

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

When fire losses occur

the care and focus that goes into the recovery and protection of contents in your Oxnard home can make a considerable difference. Cleaning and restoration after fire damage are rarely cheap and fast, so the steps that can get taken immediately to preserve your belongings can both reduce loss and limit the out-of-pocket expenses of our customers.

With a dedicated division of recovery specialists

trained to handle possessions and restore them to their original condition safely, content management has become a staple of successful fire damage recovery in Oxnard properties. The evaluation of these items occurs during the scoping phase of the project. Because it is vital to begin work as promptly as possible to ensure the best protection for your belongings and the structural elements of your house, we work to arrive at a fire-damaged address within four hours of the initial notification of loss.

Scoping of the work falls to the competent project management and crew chief arriving at the scene. Residues present some of the most substantial risks for permanent damage when literal combustion and charring has not marred the materials. The presence of water and soot continually exposes the item to an acidic composition of the residue, which can both stain and scar the surface. Many affected surfaces in your home must get replaced or resurfaced by our SERVPRO team after widespread fire loss damage.

In-house restoration of these belongings is the ideal approach for our SERVPRO team. Cleaning and restoring contents without moving them to our facility reduces costs. If soot damage is too considerable to clean without immersion cleaning techniques or other sophisticated practices available in our nearby warehouse, we can safely move your belongings as necessary.

We strive to provide every customer with effective content management solutions. Your belongings are often what makes your house a home, and we realize the importance of protecting and restoring what we can of irreplaceable belongings. Give our SERVPRO® of Oxnard team a call today at (805) 984-2347.

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Oxnard Water Damage Specialists Should Be the Only Ones Handling your Water Damage

8/12/2021 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Professionals Can Handle Water Damage in Your Oxnard Home Better

Water damage is unpleasant to handle. Water can leave unsightly stains on ceilings, floors, and walls. Moisture can ruin furniture, carpets, and rugs, and if the damage is severe, you may have to discard them. An example is when water causes a carpet to get delaminated, meaning that the backing has separated from the actual carpet.

Moisture can lead to mold

which can cause health effects to people living in the house. As you deal with water damage in your Oxnard home, many questions can race through your mind, including whether to call for professional help or to clean up the affected surfaces yourself. Contacting a licensed restoration company like SERVPRO is essential since we can help you handle this problem efficiently.

Pooling water is a clear sign that water damage has happened in your home. However, sometimes, it can happen in less dramatic ways. Some other indications of water damage include:

    •    Visible mold on walls and ceilings
    •    Blistering, stains, and discoloration of walls
    •    Rotting odors
    •    Cracks on the walls, floors, and drywall
    •    Warped or bowed walls

It is overwhelming to deal with such issues on your own. 

Our technicians are knowledgeable about building and material science. We do not merely place drying equipment in a home, but instead, establish a drying plan based on the challenges and needs of a project. We can anticipate many issues and limit surprises. Our restorers can remove the water and dry your home quickly using pumps, air movers, and dehumidifiers to minimize exposure time. Removing the water and moisture speedily limits the chance of primary and secondary damage occurring.

Water can hide in challenging areas. Our SERVPRO team can carefully inspect the areas of your home where water has intruded and defined the extent to which contents and structure have absorbed moisture beyond normal levels. We can use thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, or moisture sensors to check for hidden moisture and then dry your home thoroughly.

Hiring one competent company for the entire restoration process can help you reduce costs and save time. We can simplify the restoration process by performing the initial cleanup work and rebuilding the affected areas. Some steps we can take to restore your home to full functionality include:

    •    Repairing the above-ground structural components of the house, such as doorways and window frames, exterior walls, and floors.
    •    Patching cracks in mortar and the foundation.
    •    Waterproofing essential elements of your home to ensure that the problem does not occur again.

When you have a water intrusion issue in your home, SERVPRO® of Oxnard can help you make it “Like it never even happened.” Call us anytime at (805) 984-2347 for quick restoration services.

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Does Your New Oxnard Business Have Asbestos Issues

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can and will get your asbestos issues under control.

New construction for Oxnard businesses does not always mean an entirely new building. With many older structures looking to get repurposed into the profitable businesses of tomorrow, certain demolition and renovation are necessary to make the property your own. With older buildings, refurbishment comes with the distinct threat of encountering asbestos – a formerly common insulation material now deemed hazardous. Once you have uncovered this material, it is best to leave abatement to qualified professionals like ours to ensure that your construction schedule does not take a substantial hit. 

Asbestos abatement in Oxnard refurbishment projects must happen carefully. Our SERVPRO professionals have training specific to the identification of asbestos materials throughout a building, including what has gotten used as a fire retardant for inaccessible areas or entire panels installed elsewhere on the property. We are licensed specialists, and can perform the work under a General Contractor License (#892710) to meet the strict California regulations and guidelines for both removal and disposal of asbestos-containing material (ACM.)

With the fibers of this carcinogenic material being a hazard to the wellbeing of our technicians and others exposed, containment and confident action are vital to reduce these risks. Before this work continues, it is crucial to get all of the workers in the building out to address the newly discovered threat, how widespread this situation is, and design a plan for safe removal. EPA testing can confirm the presence of asbestos in the environment, and once confirmed, exposed areas get isolated much like mold remediation projects with physical barriers and negative air machines fitted with HEPA filters. 

For any asbestos abatement projects occurring in the state, it is important to trust a team accredited through the California State Licensing Board (#892710), who works to adhere to the limitations and regulations for air quality concerns, employee safety, removal processes, and even proper disposal. Uninsured and unprofessional outfits can not only put your safety in question, but open your fledgling business up to steep fines from governing bodies. 

Personal protective equipment is vital to this work that our SERVPRO professionals do. We use fitted respirators tailored to the individual technician, full-body Tyvek suits with hoods, and gloves that can reduce our exposure when beginning the removal of this material, often with a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner designed specifically for asbestos. This class H equipment is much more powerful and can contain fibers even when our traditional HEPA filter vacuums cannot. 

You might not always want to invest in full new construction when prime real estate exists elsewhere that requires refurbishment and renovation instead. Be aware of potential risks in properties that got constructed before 1985, and if in doubt, let our SERVPRO of Oxnard help with a thorough inspection and abatement process when necessary. Give us a call at (805) 984-2347.

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¿Su Nuevo Negocio Oxnard Tiene Problemas de Asbesto?

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO puede y tendrá sus problemas de asbesto bajo control.

La nueva construcción para las empresas oxnard no siempre significa un edificio completamente nuevo. Con muchas estructuras más antiguas que buscan ser reutilizadas en los negocios rentables del mañana, ciertas demoliciones y renovaciones son necesarias para hacer que la propiedad sea suya. Con los edificios más antiguos, la renovación viene con la clara amenaza de encontrar asbesto, un material de aislamiento anteriormente común que ahora se considera peligroso. Una vez que haya descubierto este material, lo mejor es dejar la reducción a professionales calificados como el nuestro para asegurarse de que su horario de construcción no tenga un impacto sustancial.

La reducción del amianto en los proyectos de renovación de Oxnard debe producirse con cuidado. Nuestros professionales de SERVPRO tienen capacitación específica para la identificación de materiales de asbesto en todo un edificio, incluyendo lo que se ha utilizado como retardante de fuego para áreas inaccesibles o paneles enteros instalados en otros lugares de la propiedad. Somos especialistas con licencia, y podemos realizar el trabajo bajo una Licencia de Contratista General (#892710) para cumplir con las estrictas regulaciones y pautas de California para la eliminación y eliminación de material que contiene asbesto (ACM).

Dado que las fibras de este material cancerígeno son un peligro para el bienestar de nuestros técnicos y otros expuestos, la contención y la acción segura son vitales para reducir estos riesgos. Antes de que este trabajo continúe, es crucial sacar a todos los trabajadores del edificio para abordar la amenaza recién descubierta, cuán extendida está esta situación y diseñar un plan para la eliminación segura. Las pruebas de la EPA pueden confirmar la presencia de asbesto en el medio ambiente, y una vez confirmadas, las áreas expuestas se aíslan al igual que los proyectos de remediación de moho con barreras físicas y máquinas de aire negativas equipadas con filtros HEPA.

Para cualquier proyecto de reducción de asbesto  que ocurra en el estado, es importante confiar en un equipo acreditado a través de la Junta de Licencias del Estado de California (#892710), que trabaja para cumplir con las limitaciones y regulaciones para las preocupaciones de calidad del aire, seguridad de los empleados, procesos de eliminación e incluso eliminación adecuada. Los trajes sin seguro y no professionales no solo pueden poner su seguridad en duda, sino también abrir su negocio en ciernes a fuertes multas de los órganos de gobierno. 

El equipo de protección personal es vital para este trabajo que realizan nuestros professionales de SERVPRO. Utilizamos respiradores ajustados adaptados al técnico individual, trajes Tyvek de cuerpo completo con capuchas y guantes que pueden reducir nuestra exposición al comenzar la eliminación de este material, a menudo con una aspiradora de última generación diseñada específicamente para el asbesto. Este equipo de clase H es mucho más potente y puede contener fibras incluso cuando nuestros aspiradores de filtro HEPA tradicionales no pueden.

Es posible que no siempre desee invertir en una nueva construcción completa cuando existen bienes raíces de primera calidad en otros lugares que requieren renovación y renovación en su lugar. Tenga en cuenta los riesgos potenciales en las propiedades que se construyeron antes de 1985, y en caso de duda, deje que nuestro SERVPRO de Oxnard  ayude con un proceso de inspección y reducción exhaustivo cuando sea necesario. Llámenos al (805) 984-2347.

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Prevent Further Damage to Your Oxnard Home After a Fire

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO get you back to your life.

Fires can emanate from different areas of a home. Popular storage areas like attics, basements, and garages usually contain fire hazards like gasoline and other flammable liquids. After a fire, beginning the cleanup and restoration process immediately can minimize damage to your home and its contents.

The fire damage restoration process in Oxnard homes involves many things, including cleanup, rebuilding and deodorizing. At SERVPRO, we offer a wide range of services intended to bring a home back to the condition it was in before the fire. Water damage commonly occurs during the efforts to extinguish fires. Since fires are so destructive, the main thing homeowners think about is extinguishing the fire as fast as possible, regardless of the amount of water used.

It is critical to remove the water quickly to prevent mold infestation. Our technicians are trained to deal with water damage. We can use thermal imaging tools to find any moisture trapped in the walls and then use drying and dehumidifying equipment to dry the affected areas.

Soot and ash can also build up in your home after a fire, and they can ruin pipes, metals, and appliances. Soot is acidic and can ruin the surfaces it sits on. If a high oxygen fire damaged your home, we can use chemical dry sponges or dry-cleaning sponges to remove soot. If it was a low oxygen fire, we can use the wet sponge cleaning method to remove the soot. Smoke odors can be pervasive and may permeate into many areas of your home. SERVPRO franchise professionals can use thermal foggers to neutralize odor-causing particles.

Our top priority is to get your life and property back to normal, and we, therefore, take measures to prevent further damage from occurring during the restoration process. We can tarp and board up your home so it remains safe from the outside elements like rain, wind, debris, and individuals who may want to vandalize it.

If you have a fire damage emergency, the local restoration team at SERVPRO of Oxnard can work diligently to fix your property. We offer emergency response services around the clock and can get to your home within an hour of receiving your call. Contact us today at (805) 984-2347 for restoration services.

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Evite más daños a su casa oxnard después de un incendio

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

Deja que SERVPRO te devuelva a tu vida.

Los incendios pueden emanar de diferentes áreas de una casa. Las áreas de almacenamiento populares como áticos, sótanos y garajes generalmente contienen riesgos de incendio como gasolina y otros líquidos inflamables. Después de un incendio, comenzar el proceso de limpieza y restauración de inmediato puede minimizar el daño a su hogar y su contenido.

El proceso de restauración de daños por incendios en las casas de Oxnard implica muchas cosas, incluida la limpieza, la reconstrucción y la desodorización. En SERVPRO, ofrecemos una amplia gama de servicios destinados a devolver a un hogar a la condición en la que estaba antes del incendio. Los daños causados por el agua ocurren comúnmente durante los esfuerzos para extinguir incendios. Dado que los incendios son tan destructivos, lo principal en lo que piensan los propietarios es en extinguir el fuego lo más rápido posible, independientemente de la cantidad de agua utilizada.

Es fundamental eliminar el agua rápidamente para evitar la infestación de moho. Nuestros técnicos están capacitados para lidiar con los daños causados por el agua. Podemos usar herramientas de termografía para encontrar cualquier humedad atrapada en las paredes y luego usar equipos de secado y deshumidificación para secar las áreas afectadas.

El hollín y la ceniza también pueden acumularse en su hogar después de un incendio, y pueden arruinar tuberías, metales y electrodomésticos. El hollín es ácido y puede arruinar las superficies en las que se asienta. Si un incendio con alto contenido de oxígeno dañó su hogar, podemos usar esponjas secas químicas o esponjas de limpieza en seco para eliminar el hollín. Si se trataba de un fuego con bajo nivel de oxígeno, podemos utilizar el método de limpieza de esponjas húmedas para eliminar el hollín. Los olores de humo pueden ser generalizados y pueden permear en muchas áreas de su hogar. Los professionales de la franquicia SERVPRO pueden utilizar foggers térmicos para neutralizar las partículas que causan olores.

Nuestra principal prioridad es que su vida y su propiedad vuelvan a la normalidad, y nosotros, por lo tanto, tomamos medidas para evitar que se produzcan más daños durante el proceso de restauración. Podemos lona y abordar su casa para que permanezca a salvo de los elementos externos como la lluvia, el viento, los escombros y las personas que quieran vandalizarla.

Si tiene una emergencia de daños por incendio, el equipo de restauración local en SERVPRO de Oxnard  puede trabajar diligentemente para arreglar su propiedad. Ofrecemos servicios de respuesta de emergencia durante todo el día y podemos llegar a su casa dentro de una hora de recibir su llamada. Contáctenos hoy al (805) 984-2347 para servicios de restauración.

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